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This course contains a training material consist of basic principles that enhance the physical, psychological and social health of civil society wo...
12 Lectures
00:11:06 Minutes On demand videos
The Theory of Change is a strategic planning tool that helps organizations and stakeholders map out a logical path to achieve their desired impact....
2 Lectures
Effective communication is regarded as the foundation of any successful NGO. This video explores the different elements of communication in NGOs. Y...
2 Lectures
10:30 minutes
In today’s modern world, it is crucial to keep up with the latest advancements in the world of technology.   This course explores h...
2 Lectures
3:30 Min
This course on the establishment of NGOs and internal governance of institutions is an integrated teaching material that provides those who wish to...
8 Lectures
00:23:19 Minutes On demand videos
This e-learning course is designed for civil society workers who need to be informed and have the knowledge and skills they need in their work, and...
13 Lectures
00:07:37 Minutes On demand videos
This course provides all civil society and the workers in the field of human rights full explanation of UNEP as well as international environmental...
15 Lectures
00:18:45 Minutes On demand videos
This course provides the knowledge needed to protect your personal data and organization data from cyber risks, and will identify the difference be...
26 Lectures


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