Kuluna Libyeen

Courses in this bundle:


In this course you will learn the fundamentals of Cinematography and visual story telling that applies to using any and all kinds of cameras. then we explore the technical aspects that makes shooting smartphone videos different than shooting with traditional cameras. and

What will you learn

1. Composition and Framing

2. The rule of Thirds

3. (Stage Direction (The 180 Degree Rule

Three-Point Lighting

4. Types of Camera Movement (with real-world examples)

5. Aperture, ISO and Shutter (for traditional cameras & smartphones)

6. White Balance & Focus

7. Smartphone lenses (built-in and third-party)

8. Video Camera Apps (our favorites)

9. Third-Party Filmmaking Gear & Accessories (tripod mounts,..etc)


1. مفتوح المصدر