About Mocs

Birth of the idea The idea of ​​MOCs.ly is the first step of the sustainable Libyan open source e-training project submitted by the moomken organization for awareness and information. It started as an idea since 2018.

We have participated in a number of initiatives to gather some experiences in this field regarding the Libyan framework in e-education and training. platform work theory Humans are different in nature, they have different skills, which means different ways of understanding, some of them like seriousness in education and some do not learn unless learning is fun, we are currently collecting all the different educational and training initiatives in one place and taking the trainees’ opinions on best practices, and coming up with new ideas It can lead us to the best possible way of education. First year The year 2020 will be for the experiment.

We will try as many ideas as possible to develop the methodology and obtain the best e-learning methods, which can be further developed and adopted to be the basis for the e-learning method that we will adopt. Partnerships We in the possible organization for awareness and media are convinced that we will not be able to change on our own, we need a large segment of initiators, technicians and companies to reach a Libyan educational platform.


Indeed, this platform can lead the learner in Libya to become a bearer of knowledge that we will use to develop our beloved country Libya, we invite everyone to communicate We have everyone who has an idea, whether free or paid Yes there is a place for everyone Objectives The aim of the MOC platform is:

Reaching a Libyan trainee with knowledge and skills, not just a certificate Helping the various authorities to provide appropriate training materials for the Libyan framework Assisting public and private agencies in reducing training and development expenses for employees The platform works without the Internet and the goal is to reach all of Libya Helping the employee to develop permanently