In this course, you will learn about what marketing is and its concept in general and how to harness it in your project to achieve profits, in addition to all the elements of the marketing Promotion, as well as modern marketing methods, their features and the mechanism of dealing with them so that you can develop a complete plan for your project and introduce tools to develop them continuously to be suitable for achieving the project goals

What will you learn
  • Learn the basics of marketing and selling

  • Understand the concept of marketing and its importance

  • Find out what are the five elements of marketing

  • Know what are the areas of marketing and the scope of marketing

  • Understand how to identify customer needs

  • The course is intended for trainees of the Rida Academy for Entrepreneurship Program, so it is required that the trainee be registered within the program
  • Desire to start a private project in the target city
  • Desire to understand the concept of marketing and its basics
  • Passion for knowledge and the methods available to reach the project


  • 17 Lessons
  • 00:34:26 Minutes

About instructors

Name : محمد الرقيعي
Reviews : 8 Reviews
Student : 114 Students

Name : Jeff Wilson
Reviews : 34 Reviews
Student : 407 Students


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  • 17 Lessons
  • 00:34:26 Minutes