Financial management


In this series, you will learn about the general concept of financial management, the ability to provide financing for all tasks in your project and to identify the most appropriate financing structure for the project. You will also become aware of the results of your financial decisions, in addition to learning about the financial study before launching the project with all its clauses, leading to the preparation of the annual financial study for the project.  And how to prepare periodic financial reports.

What will you learn
  • • Learn the basics of financial management and its most important items.

  • • Knowing the sources of funding and how to manage project funds.

  • • understand how to carry out internal control and the protection mechanism, and the approaches to control and protection mechanisms, the audit process (meaning - types of audits).

  • Access to sufficient knowledge of the basics of financial decision-making

  • • Basic knowledge of simple financial management basics.
  • • Desire to understand the management process in a professional manner.
  • • Desire to acquire the ability to manage financial expenses well and in proportion to the financial budget.
  • The trainee should have the desire to learn ever• Desire to learn all about the proper management of the financial aspects of your project.
  • • Focus, taking notes.
  • • The course is intended for trainees of the Rida Academy for Entrepreneurship Program, so it is required that the trainee be registered within the program.
  • • Commitment to training themes and passing all exams.


  • 7 Lessons
  • 00:20:26 Minutes

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  • 7 Lessons
  • 00:20:26 Minutes