Financial Management


 The Financial Management course provides a comprehensive understanding of what the financial management means for civil society employees and managers, It has a lot of detailed information on accounting and budgeting for the Organization's activities. It also provides explanation of the modalities for the writing and preparation of financial reports and internal control and protection mechanisms to prevent the occurrence of such reports With examples of areas of sound financial management

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  • Learn the basics of management (meaning and key principles

  • Identify the pillars of good financial management

  • Learn how to organize your account list and learn about basic accounting methods, and understand what basic balances to set up as well as what the importance and types of financial reporting are

  • Understand how to perform internal control, protection mechanism, and understand audit and protection mechanism approaches (meaning – types of auditing

  • A review of some aspects of managing common financial operations

  • The trainee should have the initial knowledge of the fundamentals of simple financial management
  • The trainee should have the desire to understand the management process properly and professionally
  • Able to manage financial expenditures well and in proportion to the financial budget
  • The trainee should have the desire to learn everything about proper financial management in your organization


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