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1 Lectures
By the end of this course, you will become familiar with the ABCs of social media, where you will learn about the concept and mission of a brand to...
3 Lectures
This training course will help you to develop your organization’s strategies in preparing project proposals, as well as how to describe your ...
7 Lectures
It enables you to professionally improve your email writing, avoiding common mistakes, for a more formal and purposeful email communication.
2 Lectures
This course is designed for NGOs workers, it provide clear understanding of the process of strategic planning and the conditions that must be met f...
33 Lectures
00:34:39 Minutes On demand videos
This course is designed specifically for civil society organizations in Libya, where knowledge is required in one of the most important issues such...
21 Lectures
00:15:07 Minutes On demand videos
The Human Resources development course is designed for both profit and non-profit organization staff, providing a full explanation of what good hum...
8 Lectures
00:40:52 Minutes On demand videos
This course provides the knowledge needed to protect your personal data and organization data from cyber risks, and will identify the difference be...
26 Lectures
In this training axis, trainer Hisham Zakagh will delve into a number of detailed topics in the peacebuilding process, where we will learn together...
13 Lectures
00:48:44 Minutes On demand videos